Sep 15, 2008

VirtualBox and VMware server ESX

When using the VMware Infrastructure Client GUI to connect to the VMware ESX Hypervisor, I encountered a nasty problem. It was not possible to upload a Virtual Machine image, or even an iso image to boot on. Every attempt to add a file to a datastore ended with an "IO error"popup, and the file was not copied.

The GUI was running inside a Windows XP virtual machine, running inside VirtualBox.

When running the GUI from a native Windows machine, it worked.

There seems to be an issue in the way the VMware Infrastructure Client GUI interfaces the VirtualBox disk driver.

Versions used:
VMware Infrastructure Client 2.5.0.
VMware ESX Server 3i 3.5.0.
VirtualBox 1.6.4.

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Ivan Voras said...

I've found your post looking for a solution to the same problem. It really does look like VIC and VirtualBox interact badly...