Sep 23, 2008

Observation of Variable and double stars

Yesterday I was able to observe some interesting stars using the Canon 18x50 IS binos. These observations were made on Sep 22 at 20h30 UT.

Delta Cephee

This is a variable star and a double star. Blue compagnon (Mag=6) was clearly resolved, at 41". As variable is orange, contrast is beautiful. Variable star magnitude was equivalent to white Epsilon: 4.2.

According to CalSky, the minima of this star was on Sep 17 at 22.9h UT. As the period is 5.36634 days, the next minima was on Sep 23 at 7h40 UT. My observation was then 0.47 days before minima, very close to minimum brightness.

23rd, 20UT, 0.5 days after minima, 4.2.
Sep 24th, 20UT, 1.5 days after minima, about 3.7.

Beta Lyra

Its luminosity was equivalent to Gamma Lyra (=3.2).
Mimima: Sep 13th at 18.3h UT. Observation at Minima + 9.09 days, or next Mimina - 3.82 days : near maximum.

Sep 24th, 20UT, 12 days after minima, about 3.6.

Zeta Lyra

This is a double star (47"), clearly visible.


Sep 23rd: Easily resolved (35").

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