Oct 1, 2008

Satellite galaxies of M31

It is little known that M31, the Great Andromeda Galaxy has not 2 but 4 satellites:

M110 (NGC 205), the ellongated one north of M31 (mag 8.9)
M32 (NGC 221), the round galaxy south of M31 (mag 9.0)

NGC 185 (mag 10.1)
NGC 147 (mag 10.5)

I was able to capture all 4 of them in this simple picture, a composite of 12 individual images taken with the camera piggybacked to my C8, with no guiding. No preprocessing was done, and the frame when a plane crossed the field was also included... Image still goes to magnitude 16.5 !

Right above the white border, on the top part, the variable star VX And is easily located, due to its vivid red color.

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